Workshops focus on three specific industry segments and are interactive sessions where attendees can take a deeper dive into topics specific to their area of interest. Advance registration is not required for the workshops. Workshops are open to full-conference attendees only.


The telecom workshop will cover a broad range of issues regarding telecom batteries; including but not limited to, "high temperature" batteries - marketing vs. what is really inside them, how NFPA 855 will affect telecom -48VDC plant and UPS battery installations.

Moderator: Curtis Ashton, American Power Systems (an EastPenn DC services subsidiary)
Panel: Bill Price, AT&T Dan McMenamin, Dan McMenamin and Associates, Inc. Mike O'Brien, Nolan Power Group - Storage Battery Systems Mike Krzywosz, Vertiv Ernie Gallo, Ericsson Inc.

This workshop is for those interested in the use and issues of batteries and chargers in electrical utilities. It will feature an open atmosphere where attendees are encouraged to bring up questions they have about their dc equipment and get answers/feedback from the moderators and other attendees. Bring your concerns and expertise for an interactive session to obtain and share knowledge. Some topics that may be discussed include: NERC Standard PRC-005 impacts, NERC Standard PRC-005 requirements vs. IEEE recommendations, new and recently issued/updated IEEE standards, and new technologies.

Moderator: Tom Carpenter, Tennessee Valley Authority
Kurt Uhlir, Standby Power System Consultants, Inc. a division of HM Cragg Co. Jeff Gruseck, Duke Energy Corp

How much redundancy is enough? At what level of redundancy are you comfortable with your UPS/energy storage solution? Where is the point of diminishing returns? This workshop will provide an open discussion regarding where the industry is going with regard to power redundancy.

Moderator: Dan Lambert, ZincFive
John Polenz, Vertiv


DC Systems Electrical Protection Considerations
Growing emphasis on operating reliability and safety are leading battery end users and system operators to confront system protection issues such as proper fault protection for battery systems and DC energy sources. This panel will address DC system electrical protection considerations including over-current protection philosophies, code requirements and industry best practices for switchgear and control, telecom and UPS applications.

Moderator: Kurt Uhlir, Standby Power System Consultants, Inc. a division of HM Cragg Co.
Panel: Haissam Nasrat, Primax Technologies, Inc. Lesley Varga, Quality Standby Services, LLC Ed Rafter, George Butler Associates Mike Morroni, Electric Equipment & Engineering

Marketing Terms
"Pure Lead", "High Temperature Batteries", "Design Life"… Where do these terms come from and what do they mean? This panel will attempt to address some of the most confusing and controversial subject matter in the battery industry today. This is the audience’s chance to quiz the manufacturers and get some straight answers.

Moderator: Tom Cantor, TPI
Panel: Jay Frankhouser, EnerSys Brian Zimmerman, East Penn Manufacturing John Polenz, Vertiv Eric Lehmann, C&D Technologies, Inc. Bill Cunningham, GS Yuasa Energy Solutions

NFPA 855
NPFA 855, Standard for the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems, has been developed and is scheduled to be published this year.  The impetus for this standard may have been the growing industry of grid energy storage but as written, this will affect the entire stationary battery industry.  If adopted as is, there could be major financial implications for the existing stationary battery ecosystem. The panel will discuss the standard, the implications if adopted and how to become involved.

Moderator: William Cantor, TPI
Panel: Jim Green , CSA Group Laurie Florence, UL, LLC Randy Schubert , Ericsson Inc. Robert Harris , National Rural Electric Cooperative Association