Mike O'Brien

Mike   O'Brien

Mike O'Brien - Exponential Power

Technical Services Manager

Michael (Mike) P. O’Brien (IEEE Senior Member) - Mike is a veteran of the USAF and has over 40 years of experience in the electrical field. He has served as a consultant to HQ Air Force Communication Command on high reliability power systems where he authored a regulation on Stationary Battery Maintenance and Testing and a technical manual on a military version of a UPS used in Critical Command & Communications power systems. After leaving consulting he was employed by Alber Engineering Inc. where he assisted in the design and marketing of battery capacity test equipment, battery monitoring systems, and developed and taught training programs on stationary battery systems. Mike has been with Nolan Power Group, now Exponential Power, for the past 30 years where he is the Technical Services Manager. He has written a number of technical papers on stationary battery systems and testing and has been a panel member at several technical conferences. He is also a senior instructor at the Battery Academy and a voting member of the IEEE standards association.

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