Chris Searles

Chris  Searles

Chris Searles - BAE Batteries USA

National Director of Business Development

Chris Searles has worked in the DC power systems and stationary battery industry for over 35 years. He is the immediate past chair of the IEEE Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee, having been a member of this committee for over 10 years, serving in several leadership roles. Chris is a co-chair of the IEEE PES/ESSB Energy Storage Task Force (ESTF) that liaises with the IEEE Standards Association’s SCC 21 coordinating committee. He also is a member of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). He also chairs the IEEE 1660 and IEEE 937 working groups and has been serving as Chair of the ESSB NERC Task Force dealing with PRC 005-6 issues. He has held product management, business development and marketing management positions for Northern Telecom, ITT Power Systems, Alpha Technologies, and EnerSys before joining BAE Batteries USA. Currently he serves as National Director of Business Development for BAE Batteries USA. He is an accomplished speaker and lecturer/teacher, giving papers and presentations as well as conducting seminars at many conferences and seminars throughout North America, including BATTCON, InfoBatt Canada and IEEE sponsored tutorials, as well as for commercial interests. Chris currently lives in the metropolitan Dallas TX area with his wife Carol, has a son in the battery business, as well as a daughter and several grandchildren.

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