Peter J. DeMar

Peter J.   DeMar

Peter J. DeMar - Battery Research and Testing, Inc.


Peter has over 40 years in the stationary battery service industry, with all being independent from any battery manufacturer. He is a Co-Founder of Battery Research and Testing Inc., which is the oldest independent stationary battery service company in the US, which is a federally certified WOSB. He was the first person from an independent battery service company to join the IEEE battery Working Group which is now named the PES-ESSB Committee, and served continuously on that group for over 32 years before backing out of active participation He was the lead on the Battery Research and Testing team that developed the procedures which evolved into the IOVR+™ process. Those procedures withstood the “test of time” and are explained in the IEEE 1188a2014 standard. Through the years he has presented papers and research result reports at numerous professional conferences to include Intelec, Battcon, and Infobatt as well as published in numerous print and online publications. In 2009 Pete was the recipient of the Battcon Hall of Fame Award, for leadership and contributions to the Stationary Battery Industry.

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