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Technique For Data Retention And Restoration For Systems Monitoring Batteries At Remote Sites

Chris Belcher

Duncan Brown

Monitoring systems are widely deployed as a maintenance practice by many industries today including, but not limited to, data centers, telecommunications, rail, and power utilities. Maintaining and managing the data collected by each of these automated monitoring systems can be challenging, especially as operators deploy hundreds of monitoring systems across widely dispersed locations. While there are various practices for data sampling frequency and reporting intervals, it is critical to not overlook the backup and data restoration elements for their monitoring systems. Without proper backup of critical information, such as baselining records, system configuration, reports, historical records, and fault history, it would be extremely difficult to restore a system back to its original state following a product failure of the monitoring system or a catastrophic event. This paper will explore which records need to be maintained and propose a best practice for record keeping and restoration management in support of electronic monitoring of battery systems. While the practices can be applied across multiple industries, this paper will highlight the best practices for remotely distributed systems such as those found in power utilities. Where it is beneficial, application will be made for co-located large deployments such as data center environments.

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