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Predicting The Life Of Li-Ion Batteries Using The Arrhenius Model

Ashish Arora

Sneha Lele

Kip Benson

The use of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries has grown rapidly in a variety of fields, especially for long-term applications, which has made battery life prediction an important concern to be addressed. This paper presents the results of calendar aging tests performed on a small form factor Li-ion cell and the capacity degradation predictions that were made using the Arrhenius equation. The experiments were performed for one year at different temperatures and states of charge. The paper presents the results of the capacity degradation predictions during storage (calendar life) made by the Arrhenius equation and compares these predictions with actual capacity degradation observed over one year of testing. The paper also compares the variation in the capacity degradation predictions made using the Arrhenius equation for different test durations.

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