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Is It Time To Take A Serious Look At Convection Cooled Switched Mode Rectifier/Chargers Again?

J. Allen Byrne

Switched Mode Rectifier/chargers (SMR’s) are the dominant method of charging stationary batteries in the telecom, data and many other standby power applications. The vast-majority of these SMR’s are forced air cooled. In North America, the exception is with industrial and utility companies who still favor older linear technologies, mainly Silicone Controlled Rectifiers (SCR’s). So why the reluctance of utility companies to use the lighter, more efficient and user friendly to adopt SMR’s? This presentation will explore the issues and argue the case for a second look at convection cooled SMR’s. The objective of this presentation is to be an educational thought changer. Topics discussed will include; history, reliability, efficiencies, maintenance, pros and cons, and costs.

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