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Battery Modeling – The Future Of Sizing Calculations?

Jim McDowall

IEEE battery sizing has its roots in a paper by E.A. Hoxie, published in 1954. The principles of that paper were adapted to a standards document for lead-acid batteries with IEEE Std 485, first published in 1978. A nickelcadmium version based on the same principles, IEEE Std 1115, followed in 1992. While these documents have stood the test of time, their origins from before the days of personal computing are clear. Even though most manufacturers have adapted these standards to computer sizing programs, there remain shortcomings for certain applications, such as those with numerous load steps, very long discharge times, or continuously variable loads. As new technologies such as lithium-ion (Li-ion) are being promoted for standby applications, it is worth considering whether it is time to adopt an alternative approach.

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