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Lithium ion batteries for stationary applications: A safety perspective

Ashish Arora

Joyelle Harris

Bala Pinnangudi

Like Xie

After gaining dominance in the consumer electronics industry, lithium ion technology is slowly making inroads into other industries, such as reserve power systems (UPS), automobiles, etc. While its many advantages make lithium-ion technology highly desirable for use as a stationary storage solution, the chemistry brings with it a relatively higher safety risk when compared to the traditional workhorses - lead acid and nickel-based chemistries. A complete understanding of the risks associated with the lithium-ion technology aids in the design of a safe lithium-ion based backup power storage system. This paper introduces the safety aspects of the Li-ion cell and its typical failure modes. The paper ends with a discussion on energy-management system designs specifically for large format, lithium-ion based energy storage systems.

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