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The proper charging of stationary lead-acid batteries. (Your battery is only as good as how you charge it.)

J. Allen Byrne

All too often, stationary batteries are not charged correctly or adequately. This leads to a shortened battery life and can cause a premature and sometimes catastrophic battery failure. Battery charging is a complex issue. Consideration has to be given to many fixed and varying parameters, such as battery type and chemistry, battery application, and the environment in which the battery is being used. The intent of this paper is to educate battery users on the subject of battery charging and detail the proper methods of float (maintenance) charging, recharging, equalize (boost) charging, adjusting the charge for temperature excursions and limiting the charge current when necessary. There are many types of stationary batteries in use today and each chemistry has its own unique and often complex charging requirements but, for the purpose of this paper, the discussion is restricted to the lead-acid chemistry.

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