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Developing a Training Curriculum Based on the IEEE P1657: Recommended Practice for Personnel Qualifications for Installation and Maintenance of Stationary Batteries

Ed Rafter

The IEEE PES Stationary Battery Standards Committee recognizes that specific training on battery system installation and maintenance is necessary. The subcommittee also recognizes that existing training of battery maintenance and installation technicians is generally non-existent, or at the least, non-standard. With those thoughts in mind, the IEEE PES Stationary Battery Committee is presently preparing a guide for training to specify the types of knowledge a battery installation or maintenance technician must possess in order to safely and effectively work on lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries. The document will define the areas of recommended knowledge for installers and maintainers of stationary batteries and related systems to the extent that they affect the battery. The purpose of the IEEE document is to provide an outline of the necessary items that should be covered by those developing training programs for stationary battery installation and maintenance personnel. At this time, the document is an unapproved draft of a proposed IEEE Standard. As such, this document is subject to change.

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