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Advantaged of Using Vanadium Redox Batteries in Telecommunications Prime Power Sites

John Davis

Telephone service providers are constantly studying ways to curb the costs of operating remote telecommunications transmission sites. The more remote the site, the higher the costs of energy used to power the site regardless if the energy is utility power or other sources such as on-site diesel powered generators. Remote transmission sites are also expensive to service and support. Many sites are accessible only by helicopter or during summer months. There are tens of thousands of transmissions sites in North America alone, many of which rely on localized generation of electrical power from on-site diesel generators. Attempts have been made to augment the diesel generators with some form of energy storage such as large banks of lead/acid batteries. Battery banks have traditionally been used as a backup power system operating only when the main source of power is not available. There have been attempts to use traditional batteries for cycling down generators during extended periods of time. In theory, using batteries could save fuel costs or will help eliminate generator noise and pollution at sites located close to populated areas. Traditional battery technologies such as lead/acid batteries cannot hold up to this aggressive charge and discharge cycling. The cost to constantly replace damaged batteries becomes more expensive than the realized operational costs of using the batteries in this capacity.

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