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Working with and Understanding Battery Recharge Currents and Current Limits after a Battery Discharge Event or Test

Stuart Gettis

This paper is written for battery service providers and end users who test and maintain their own batteries. I wrote this paper as a follow-on to the paper presented by Rick Tressler at last year's Battcon – Capacity and Discharge Testing. There are some very important battery and power plant considerations that need to be looked at and understood when recharging your batteries after a discharge event or test. Battery strings represent a large capital investment for a business and they are counting on them to provide them with emergency power when needed. Properly maintaining them is essential for optimum performance and life. The examples I use are primarily VRLA batteries installed in a telecom environment but the same considerations need to be looked at in UPS and flooded battery installations. This paper will cover the effects of improperly recharging batteries after a discharge test or event and the other factors you must take into account when recharging your batteries. Always consult with the battery manufacturer if you are unsure of the battery recharge rates.

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