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Thermal Runaway Prevention, Detection, and Recovery – VLA or VRLA Cells

Peter J. DeMar

This paper is being written specifically for those individuals that perform the actual hands-on maintenance on their battery systems. Since you are the first line of defense against Thermal Runaway and unexpected battery failures, you need to understand more about your batteries than anyone else in your company. Why? Because you are ones that are taking the actual measurements, and observing what is occurring with that battery at that date and time. By your understanding what is normal and what is not for that particular battery, you can alert your upper management to an issue in progress that needs to be addressed to protect your revenue producing equipment, the site, and even the personnel. If someone higher up the food chain decides to ignore your report, or to not take corrective action, for whatever reason, you will have at least documented your findings, and done your job. The pictures are from multiple sites and multiple manufacturers.

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