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A new IEEE recommended practice for Sizing, Installation, Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Starting Batteries for Electric Power Generation Sets

Bill Cantor

Richard Raczak

A standby power system consists of many components. While stationary batteries are usually critical to the system, they are typically an interim power source while generation sets (generators) pick up the load for the long run. At many critical installations, if the generators do not start, the site will be in severe jeopardy. The weakest link in the starting of generators, and possibly the weakest link in the entire standby system is the generator starting battery (or other generator starting energy storage device). Unfortunately, the generator starting battery has not been the focus of most designers/installers/maintainers in the design and operation of critical backup power systems. Many times, the applicable codes and standards are misunderstood or misapplied and additional cost and downtime are often realized by end-users because of the lack of guidance with these energy storage devices. This new IEEE document is to provide selection, design, installation, maintenance and replacement guidelines and recommendations for generator starting batteries as well as other applicable generator starting energy storage devices. This paper will provide an outline of the proposed document as well as some select content with the intention of soliciting input from and ideas from all interested and affected parties.

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