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DC Systems in High Voltage Transmission Stations

Harshal Bhatt

The DC System in a high voltage transmission station is one of the most important part of the system. It acts as a back-up during loss of AC supply to critical elements of the system. Many regulatory bodies such as NERC, NPCC etc. are dictating maintenance planning on the protection and DC system components. The cost of maintaining the DC system is going higher day by day with extra requirements from regulators. This paper presents Hydro One’s DC system demographics, how they maintain it and why they are we thinking of going to online monitoring. Currently most of the maintenance is done manually and time based which has its own benefits and consequences vs. online monitors. Online monitoring solutions are really attractive but it comes with a cost. The question arises that is it worth the investment? What is Hydro One doing to be compliant, where is the company now in terms of implementing online monitoring? And what does the company expect after installation of online monitoring. DC system online monitoring has its own pros and cons as described in the paper but it would be up to the proof of concept project to determine the real value of online monitoring.

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