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How to Achieve "Five Nines" Availability from a Lead Acid Battery’s Perspective

George Pederson

The term “Five Nines” is used to indicate that the Uptime or availability of a service is greater than 99.999% over a year. In practical terms, this equates to a downtime of no more than 5.26 minutes in any one year. The term is most closely associated with data centers, and, regrettably, the battery’s reputation in that industry is not too good. In the most recent Ponemon study into the cost of data center outages sponsored by Vertiv, UPS Failure ranked up there with hacking as the most common reason for data center downtime. Although not broken out in this latest report, the previous reports in 2010 and 2013 identified UPS battery failure as the top root cause of UPS related unplanned outages.

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