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UPS VRLA Battery Specification Guide

Donald Barker

The battery industry is still struggling to educate the user/purchaser of the capabilities and limitations of the various grades of VRLA batteries. By defmition, an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) is supposed to provide a constant source of power, and the battery that is purchased with the unit is expected to be infallible. We know that this is not the case, and users are now realizing that the battery is critical, and frequently the weak link, in assuring continuous power to their critical loads. They frequently depend entirely on the UPS manufacturer to furnish the proper battery to live up to the claim that their system is a constant source of power. Usually, the only stated requirement to the manufacturer is for a battery that lasts "X" minutes under full load, and that it be "Maintenance Free". In the highly competitive UPS market, the common method of winning the bid for the system is to offer the cheapest battery available that meets the battery specification. Consequently, with a very weak battery specification, most of the UPS systems receive a low grade of battery that frequently does not meet expectations.

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