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Battery Testing and Replacement Criteria

Robert Beavers

Saba Saba

Over the past twenty-five plus years, battery testing and replacement of batteries has changed. In addition, testing equipment has changed dramatically. Testing equipment in the 1960's and 1970's typically consisted of manually switched light bulbs with analog voltmeters to measure voltage across a shunt and overall terminal voltage. Today, resistor banks are typically used instead of light bulbs. Digital multimeters and chart recorders have replaced analog voltmeters. And we have been computerized as some systems can automatically hold constant current as the voltage drops and vary the load to meet a service test as well as record the discharge rate and voltage. Testing frequency has changed, defmitions of degradation have changed and inclusion of the modified performance test has changed the amount of testing at nuclear facilities. This paper will discuss the current requirements and provide some examples of applying these requirements to actual design duty cycles.

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