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Impact of the Internal Catalyst on VRLA Batteries One Year Later

Allan Williamson

Bruce Dick

Terry Noveske

The growth in the use ofVRLA batteries has slowed over the past year due to concerns with the long-term reliability. In February 1998, C&D Technologies had introduced an internal catalyst to improve the operation of its Liberty 2000 VRLA product by maintaining the negative plate polarization. We reported on the introduction and the research effort that led to that introduction at last years BATTCON 98 conference.l The favorable impact on battery performance, derived from the use of a gas-recombining catalyst placed within the headspace of a VRLA cell, is one of the exciting discoveries of recent times.2 To date, C&D has shipped over 150,000 new cells and have enhanced thousands of older cells, that had been in use for from one to six years, with the internal catalysts. The latter information will address the questions raised at last years conference as to whether the catalyst would be effective in helping older product. This paper will update the participants on how well both new and old products, equipped with the catalyst, are performing. In addition we also have a year more of laboratory testing of product equipped with the catalyst to show the longer term effects on gassing, current draw, and performance.

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