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Acceptance Inspection and Testing of New Stationary Batteries

Kurt Uhlir

Acceptance inspection and testing of a new stationary battery is performed to insure that the battery purchased can perform to the manufacturer's specification and meets all the procurement specification requirements. This is important because the battery manufacturer's specification is generally used to size and select the battery for the application. The acceptaIice inspection and test, typically performed at the battery manufacturer's factory has long been overlooked by the battery end user for various reasons including time, economics and lack of guidance. Accurate specification and performance of an acceptance inspection and test of a stationary battery by properly trained and qualified personnel can optimize battery life and performance thereby increasing the reliability of the standby power system. Currently, standards exist which describe recommended practices for maintenance, testing and replacement of batteries in stationary applications however, these standards do not necessarily provide guidance for acceptance inspection and testing of a new battery. This paper will address the specification and performance of this inspection and test, and the acceptance and cell selection criteria for new lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries used in stationary applications.

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