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An Evaluation of the Market and Applications of Batteries in Photovoltaic Systems

Robert Hammond

Jane Turpin

Thomas Hund

Steven Harrington

Garth Corey

Under the sponsorship of the Department of Energy, Office of Utility Technology, the Battery Analysis and Evaluation Department and the Photovoltaic System Assistance Center of Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) initiated a US industrywide PV Energy Storage System survey. Arizona State University (ASU) was contracted by SNL to conduct the survey and to compile the survey results. The extrapolated data from the study show the 1995 market for PV batteries to be quite large: worldwide sales of PV batteries were 2,961,000 kWh, worldwide wholesale value for PV batteries shipped in 1995 was $302 million, and worldwide total installed capacity of batteries in PV systems was 10,519,000 kWh.

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