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Testing conducted to determine the battery and battery charger short-circuit current contributions on a DC distribution system

Y. Celebi

William Gunther

J. Higgins

P. Joshi

Kurt Uhlir

This paper describes short-circuit tests conducted at Brookhaven National Laboratory for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on three vented lead-acid battery strings of 12 cells (24 volt nominal systems) and each of two 24 volt battery chargers (a controlled ferroresonant and an SCR design). The tests compared the battery and charger responses individually and when connected in parallel, the configuration most commonly used in safety related DC power distribution systems at U.S. nuclear power plants and in other power system DC distribution systems that provide a backup power function. The paper also discusses how test results may provide empirical data to support improvements to industry standards that offer guidance on DC system short circuit characteristics and electrical protection design, and to the NRC's oversight of DC distribution system protection coordination.

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