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New Developments in Safety Compliance for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Jim Green

Ryan Franks

Battery powered stationary energy storage systems (BESS) are rapidly being deployed across the world, and the codes, standards, and regulations that manufacturers and installers are required to meet are rapidly evolving. Many companies do not have extensive experience in navigating the maze of codes, standards, and regulations (CSR) required for these systems, especially in the current climate where the CSR landscape is still under development. This paper will provide an overview of the primary codes and standards related to the manufacture and installation of BESS, along with an explanation of some of the latest developments in the codes and standards landscape for BESS. This will include standards such as UL 1973 and UL 9540, as well as the new fire test procedure UL 9540A and the latest code development, NFPA 855. An explanation of how the standards are implemented across different technologies such as lithium-ion, lead acid, and flow batteries will be discussed. Other currently evolving topics will be presented such as cyber security and functional safety (term for evaluation of the software and electronic controls used for primary safety in the system). Methods for gaining system compliance will be presented, including model certification and field evaluation.

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