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Battery Sizing - Moving It Forward

Sepehr (Sep) Mogharei P.

Battery capacity determination has always been a source of fascination for scientists and engineers dating back to origins of the technology. The first sizing standard for lead acid batteries was published by IEEE in 1978. While sizing for NiCad battery was established using a similar technique shortly after, there has been limited advancement in these methods. The battery industry has yet to come to a consensus on a standard method of sizing for other technologies based on lithium, nickel, zinc, vanadium, and others. In order to create a more comprehensive and industry-wide approach to battery sizing, this paper dives deeper into existing standards by identifying gaps and limitations. Practical limitations are tested using a hardware setup dedicated to sizing, and incrementally adding load steps. A second test is presented by using a sample 24 hours time series load profile and simplifying it by reducing the number of steps that best describe it. The accuracy of simplification vs. time saving for calculations is evaluated. Missing sizing parameters explored include, incorporation of state of charge, cycling as a function of depth of discharge, and consideration for multiple random loads with various time periods.

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