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Jeff Donato

Josh Michel

Seismic requirements for battery racks and cabinets have existed for decades and have largely been based on the Uniform Building Code (UBC). The International Building Code IBC was created in 1997 and adopted thereafter by many State and local jurisdictions. Currently, the IBC is adopted by every State thus replacing the UBC. The IBC describes any kind of battery rack or cabinet as an “Other Structure”. These structures must meet occupancy requirements and corresponding importance factors to be in compliance with the building code. Other industry standards also exist to provide seismic protections based on the specific application. Examples are IEEE 693, IEEE 344, Telcordia GR-63-Core (NEBS), and OSHPOD. This paper discusses the various seismic requirements for battery racks and cabinets based on industry standards and legislative code requirements. Also discussed are the differences between legacy codes which are still found in many specs today versus new codes that are required by the authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ).

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