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Can Battery Gas Recombiners Improve Battery Room Safety And (+) Eliminate Watering Requirements for Vented Batteries?

Peter J. DeMar

The initial objective of the experiment that led to the creation of this paper was for us at BR&T (Battery Research and Testing) to gain an understanding of the differences in the amount of water usage over time in VLA (vented lead acid) batteries, between those that use the manufacturer’s standard vent assemblies, and those that use the newer style battery gas recombiners. We wanted to learn how many water additions might be eliminated over the life of a battery by using recombiners. Our motivator for this experiment was the potential for labor savings with our existing PM contracts. What we were not thinking about when we started this experiment, was the increase in safety of the battery area because of the reduction in the volume of the off gasses. The potential for up to a 99% reduction in the amount of hydrogen gas released into the battery area is a substantial improvement. Anything that can reduce the hydrogen gas released into the area by over 90% must be considered beneficial for anyone that uses stationary batteries. That this improvement is gained through a passive means instead of an active/mechanical one is an added benefit.