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Increasing Data Center Energy Efficiency

Kirk Plautz

Adam Weisenstein

NiZn batteries are a high voltage aqueous battery system providing an optimal combination of high power and energy while maintaining the highest safety of any battery chemistry available. NiZn is a non-flammable, rechargeable chemistry with an energy density of more than twice that of valve regulated Lead-Acid batteries. It has high-rate capability, can achieve more than 600 deep cycles, and can sit on float charge for extended periods. NiZn has a value proposition that reduces the footprint, weight, and lifecycle costs over Lead-Acid. NiZn also provides a cost improvement over Lithium-Ion by reducing the complexity of the battery management systems (BMS) and controls required, by eliminating the safety concerns associated with thermal runaway. The following are highlights of the NiZn chemistry for data center applications: • NiZn offers better high temperature performance, resulting in reductions of HVAC requirements and costs, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of data centers. • NiZn offers a much lower cost solution throughout the battery life over existing Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion systems. • NiZn is a drop-in replacement for Lead-Acid utilizing the same racks, cabinets, cabling, inverters, and controls. • NiZn is safe, non-combustible, non-explosive, RoHS compliant and can be fully recycled back into battery grade materials using a cold recycling, energy efficient process. • NiZn offers the highest internal rate of return with a combination of performance, reliability, and value. • The need for a complex BMS is eliminated due to the inherent safety of the NiZn chemistry. • NiZn offers greater energy density and specific energy vs. Lead-Acid, thus reducing handling and other service-related costs, along with increasing building whitespace.

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