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Overview of East Asia Recycling Market and Revolutionary Regeneration Solution for Resource and Energy

Xiao Lin

The development of green transport and electrification will cause battery wave tsunami and the demands for raw battery materials are expected to increase exponentially in the next decades, which indicates the shortage of battery critical raw materials like Ni, Co, Mn, Li and environmental impact. Thus at the end of batteries life, they should be repurposed, remanufactured or recycled, feeding valuable materials back into the economy to form the close loop which is proposed in Green Deal. In past years, Some Chinese companies have already begun to recycle the first batch of spent power batteries based on existed process. Even though, it’s essential to develop a more efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly solution with the growing financial and environmental requirements. Presentation of Dr. Xiao Lin will show current East Asia battery recycling market and bring to light on novel research and its industrial application of revolutionary regeneration solution and equipment for battery recycling from dismantling to separation and purification. At least 95% active materials can be recovered as cathode materials to achieve real circular economy after this intelligent extreme short process, while reducing at least 25% carbon emission during battery life circle to minimizing environmental impact of batteries.

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