Workshops and Panels


Concurrent workshops take place on Thursday afternoon of the Battcon conference. Workshops focus on three specific industry segments and are interactive sessions where attendees can take a deeper dive into topics specific to their area of interest. Advance registration is not required for the workshops. Workshops are open to full-conference attendees only.

New for 2019

Battcon will feature additional breakout session. The new format will include concurrent workshop panel sesssions focused on telecom, UPS or utility. The traditional Battcon breakout workshops will follow the workshop panel breakouts.

New Workshop Panels Moderator Company
Telecom "A group of telecom former drips under pressure will give brief presentations on their view of trends in telecom power architectures, including distributed power in the CO and Data Center, CORD (CO Re-imagined as a Datacenter) power architectures, shorter and longer battery backup times (depending on regulatory requirements), use of Li-ion and NaNiCl batteries and supercapacitors, etc.; and then will open it up to audience Q&A and participation".  Curtis Ashton
UPS Short Duration UPS Backup Times - The traditional, fifteen minute backup times for UPSs continue to be shortened, sometimes to only seconds of backup. This panel will explore what is driving this trend, what are some of the potential issues, and what are your options. Mike Nispel
Philadelphia Scientific
Utility Aging DC Plants: what criteria is used to replace batteries, chargers, inverters, distribution panels, cables, etc., at your utility?  The typical utility DC plant is very reliable and many users have different rules and reasons for replacing aging equipment.  We will discuss what some of these criteria are, consider some case studies and share best practices. Lesley Varga
Quality Standby Services, LLC
Workshops Moderator Company
UPS How much reliability is enough? Dan Lambert
IEEE Energy Storage
Telecom Curtis Ashton (CenturyLink), Ernie Gallo (Ericsson Telcordia), and Bill Price (AT&T) will lead a room discussion of whatever tickles the audience’s fancy regarding issues around telecom batteries, including "high temperature" batteries – marketing vs what’s really inside them, how NFPA 855 will affect telecom -48VDC plant and UPS battery installations, etc. Curtis Ashton
Utility Utility Workshop: Electric utility batteries and chargers This workshop is for those interested in the use and issues of batteries and chargers in electrical utilities. The workshop will feature an open atmosphere where attendees are encouraged to bring up questions they have about their dc equipment and get answers/feedback from the moderators and other attendees. Bring your concerns and expertise for an interactive session to obtain and share knowledge. Some topics that may be discussed include: NERC Standard PRC-005 impacts; NERC Standard PRC-005 requirements vs. IEEE recommendations; New and recently issued/updated IEEE standards; and New technologies. Tom Carpenter

Kurt Uhlir
Tennessee Valley Authority

Standby Power System Consultants, Inc.

  Panel Sessions Moderator Company
DC DC System Electrical Protection Considerations Kurt Uhlir
Standby Power System Consultants, Inc.
Marketing Terms "Pure Lead", "High Temperature Batteries", "Design Life"… Where do these terms come from and what do they mean? This panel will attempt to address some of the most confusing and controversial subject matter in the battery industry today. This is the audience’s chance to quiz the manufacturers and get some straight answers. Tom Cantor
NFPA 855 How Safety Codes Are Going to Affect All Of Us? Jeff Kessen

Bill Cantor