Concurrent workshops take place on Thursday afternoon of the Battcon conference. Workshops focus on three specific industry segments and are interactive sessions where attendees can take a deeper dive into topics specific to their area of interest. Advance registration is not required for the workshops. Workshops are open to full-conference attendees only.

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UPS Workshop: UPS Battery Systems

The UPS workshop will be an interactive session, with audience participation, discussing UPS battery systems. We will explore topics such as VRLA vs. VLA battery systems, sizing for appropriate backup time, battery system designs, charging techniques, installation, testing/commissioning, and maintenance. We welcome questions and topics from the audience.

Utility Workshop: Electric utility batteries and chargers

This workshop is for those interested in the use and issues of batteries and chargers in electrical utilities. The workshop will feature an open atmosphere where attendees are encouraged to bring up questions they have about their dc equipment and get answers/feedback from the moderators and other attendees. Bring your concerns and expertise for an interactive session to obtain and share knowledge. Some topics that may be discussed include: NERC Standard PRC-005 impacts; NERC Standard PRC-005 requirements vs. IEEE recommendations; New and recently issued/updated IEEE standards; and New technologies.

Telecom Workshop: Telecom battery open season/session.

This audience participation session will discuss the major problems associated with telecom batteries, from supplier problems to user abuse. Also, appropriate backup times for various types of telecom services in an evolving competitive and regulatory market will be addressed. Finally, we’ll discuss other pertinent points the audience would like to bring up.